Women in science…..on Disney?

I know I’ve been harping on the Disney thing for a minute, but I realized that I had been leaving out their support to put women in science and raise an interest for girls to go into tech or mechanics.
By this I mean that they took an incredibly familiar and girly character and made her a technician. Sure, she may not be doing electronics, specifically, but she invents and tinkers.

Oh, yes, I’m referring to Tinkerbell. She began life as Peter Pan’s jealous little groupie and has gotten a complete make over as a tech or mechanic in a shop who experiments and fixes things. She deals with the trials of working on things, the failure, the triumph, the feeling of worthlessness when things don’t work the way you want them to and the feeling of stupidity when you forget that two things aren’t going to work together the way you want them to. That is life in science and girls get to see it and the way every tinkerer must persevere through it to get to the things that will succeed.
Here she is:


I also love this little clip that encourages girls to experiment, but let’s them know that anything can happen too



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2 thoughts on “Women in science…..on Disney?

  1. Sometimes I think people don’t give Disney enough credit. I mean, they actually have a pretty wide array of eternities in their princesses. They don’t always shy away from controversy either. Did you hear about the disney show where there was going to be a lesbian couple? They weren’t main characters, just the parents of the friends one of the kids made, but still! I was pleased.

    • I completely agree. I hadn’t heard about the lesbian couple, but I’m excited about it. I really grew up on Disney, but my family always made sure we saw both sides of the characters, the strength and the vulnerability of men and women. It’s there when you look, since the Little Mermaid, at least.

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