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I originally published this not having seen all of Emma Watson’s speech but some quotes from it. I watched it a few hours later and wanted to amend right away. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. This is an amazing speech that addresses issues on both sides of the proverbial isle on gender equality. I have felt the tide coming for a change like this in some of the other articles I have been reading recently and the book I am currently in. It’s collecting and I hope that it becomes a tidal wave by the time it hits the shore.

These are things that I hope to call fourth wave feminism. It was an unbelievable speech.

After realizing that I have yet to post about music in any way on a Wednesday, I tried to. I failed pretty miserably.


I just wanted to share some definitions of words that get thrown around quite often in gender equality circles. I hope that some of them stop being misused.



any system or mode of thought or action in which human interests,values, and dignity predominate.

devotion to or study of the humanities.

(sometimes initial capital letter) the studies, principles, or culture ofthe humanists.

Philosophy. a variety of ethical theory and practice that emphasizes reason, scientific inquiry, and human fulfillment in the natural world and often rejects the importance of belief in God.



belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, social, or economic life.

active promotion of this belief.



the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of womenequal to those of men.

(sometimes initial capital letter) an organized movement for theattainment of such rights for women.

feminine character.




  1. (in many languages) a set of classes that together include allnouns, membership in a particular class being shown by the formof the noun itself or by the form or choice of words that modify,replace, or otherwise refer to the noun, as, in English, the choice ofhe to replace the man, of she to replace the woman, of it toreplace the table, of it or she to replace the ship. The number ofgenders in different languages varies from 2 to more than 20;often the classification correlates in part with sex or animateness.The most familiar sets of genders are of three classes (asmasculine, feminine, and neuter in Latin and German) or of two (ascommon and neuter in Dutch, or masculine and feminine in Frenchand Spanish).
  2. one class of such a set.
  3. such classes or sets collectively or in general.
  4. membership of a word or grammatical form, or an inflectional formshowing membership, in such a class.


the feminine gender.

Archaic. kind, sort, or class.
Masculism: Masculism (or masculinism) refers to political, cultural, and economic movements aimed at establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and participation in society for men and boys. These rights include legal equalities, such as those of conscription, child custody, alimony, and equal pay for equal work. Its concepts sometimes coincide with those of men’s rights, father’s rights, and men’s liberation.[citation needed] Masculinism strives to achieve these aims by advocating of the rights or needs of men; the adherence to or promotion of opinions, values, attitudes, etc. regarded as typical of men;[1][2][3] or, alternatively, an approach that is focused on Androcentrism[4][5] to the alleged exclusion of women.[1] It can also be seen as advocating equality between men and women as a reaction against certain feminist claims for the superiority of women over men both sex-negative and sex-positive.[1]
*Definitions are courtesy of except for masculism (which is why is last instead of paired with feminism up there) which came from Wikipedia.

Between some of the books I read for this blog and some of the articles, I feel a strange wind coming. I feel like a men’s liberation is on its way.

This excites me. I would love for my son to grow up knowing that he can do feminine things without being criticized as not a boy or overall unmanly. Some boys and men like pedicures and hate football. Why should they be ridiculed for it? Pedicures feel awesome and football looks like it hurts. It also seems to set guys up for emotional peril to far greater extent than people realize. But its not just about the little fun things.

At-home dads are on the rise and they seem to be getting more comfortable with it and telling others to back off. Men are getting more likely to ask for and get more of the custody than in recent history, too. They are more likely to take time off to take care of their children than ever and ask for paternity leave. Some men are even unashamedly asking for alimony. Why shouldn’t they?
I can feel the change coming, I just hope it comes in time for my son to benefit from it. My husband is already part of it. So is any other man who unabashedly loves something feminine.


I think my biggest problem with Women Against Feminism isn’t that they feel powerful enough to speak out against a movement that may or may not have been responsible for that power, but that they don’t realize that other women are still more oppressed than they are and need help from those with voices. Why won’t they use this voice to advocate for less fortunate women? How do they not realize the less fortunate are out there? Do they honestly think that just because they feel powerful and in charge of their own decisions that there aren’t people of all genders in their own communities that are suffocating under the demands of strict gender roles?


At some point we are going to have to stop pretending that all men are only attracted to dumb girls or girls who pretend to be dumb. I don’t know any men that legitimately want a stupid partner. They may want a dupe for a one night stand or something sometimes and I’ve known plenty of women to happily play that dupe for the same purpose, but none that want a woman to be dumb forever.


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