Review of Fragments of Gender: Anatomy is not Destiny by Lisa Lees

This an interesting first person account of life as a non-binary. The author identifies as a transsexual mostly, but ze consistently reminds the reader that it is not a certain thing. Some people are not comfortable as either of the binary genders and won’t conform. Personally, I don’t think they should conform to someone else’s idea of them, but I don’t live in the shoes of the person not conforming or the one dealing with them. This is probably much harder than one might think.
The account here is delivered in a series of previously published essays and columns on the subject of gender and transition.
I think my favorite line is in conjunction with one of the titles toward the end.

“Transition rhymes with inquisition.”

Its funny linguistically but a sad concept to think about. I can’t imagine dealing with it.

I found the book enlightening considering that the author is incredibly blunt about hir lived experience. This might not be true of all transgender or non-binary people, but it is still good to get a personal account. These are hir stories, and hir perspective. Before we can adequately understand the non-binary lifestyle, we’ll need to hear plenty of personal stories and dispell our concepts of their “single story”.

This is recommended to anyone curious about what it may be like to live as non-binary or who wants to better understand what it might be like in the mind of a non-binary person. It may be a good start for anyone who knows someone transitioning in some way or newly out as non-binary and wants to understand their perspective.

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