Not Looking For Perfect

I never did like a movie that had poorly developed female characters. I didn’t know that I was feminist, though. I should have known, but I was too wrapped up in the man-hater image that I saw on tv most of the time. If a movie didn’t have any females in named roles, it didn’t tend to make an effect on how I like it, but if they were there and in some way prominent, I wanted more than a vapid face. They didn’t have to be good people are greatly developed. I settled pretty easily for a Bond girl because they tended to be smart, even if they always slept with him. At least they were smart and a part of the story because of a smart/damsel in distress combination by the Pierce Brosnan Bonds. They contributed in some way that was about more than just being hot, even though they were always hot. It was strangely awesome to watch Famke Janssen kill a man using just her legs. (Yeah, I’m a little strange)

So, again, the females don’t have to paint women in a perfect light for me to appreciate their inclusion in a movie. I just get irritated with this:

Although, I do recognize that of all the women in this movie, this one is actually unnamed and the only female that is depicted as vapid or stupid. All the other women at least seem to have the ability to think for themselves.

I also want to recognize some great chick flicks because even though they don’t depict women as great and perfect, which can be harmful anyway, but at least they depict women that I know.


Okay, so I might just know strange women. I appreciate a chick flick, even though it’s only been happening in spurts, that shows women that I might know or have met. As far as the other genres, I am still just hoping for well developed characters that aren’t vapid or waiting around for someone to save them. Even though they might need saving, I like it better when they are waiting around for it. Be proactive about your escape! That should be the message, even when they are just a damsel in distress. Do something about it!


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