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I don’t know about you, but I get inspired at church sometimes. I get inspired to do more. I get inspired to listen more. Sometimes I get inspired to be more understanding. This week was a communion Sunday at our church and I had some thoughts in light of the recent material I’ve been reading. Part of the Confession of Faith is to confess that I have not loved my neighbors, and not heard the cry of the needy. Glenn Packiam sings the whole confession quite beautifully here:

In Transgender History, it covers how this group is the marginalized of the marginalized. This seems pretty true to me. They still receive hate and discrimination in a way that I can’t imagine dealing with. They receive it from Christian groups, but not all Christian groups. I’ll refer again to Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. I currently serve at a church that I don’t believe would kick out such people, and I hope to continue to be at more like it. Perhaps we will reach out to them directly one day.

We recited the Lord’s Prayer right after the Confession of Faith and one line stood out on this particular day: Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Hate is the temptation. Evil is in all of us. Don’t be tempted by it, it’s not our place to judge. Our command was to love, not to judge.


I’m expanding my social network! Well, the network for the blog, not myself. I have now joined BlogLovin, and made pages on both Facebook and Google+. And I created a new page on the blog. It’s Books page so that I can list the books that I’ve finished along with the reviews more easily. I have a bunch of books that I plan to read in the Pinboards.

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I tried several times to write about how much it irritates me to see posts where people say things about “all” of any group and how they are “all” alike. It kept coming out all ranty, and I try not to do that. Let me just say that there are few things that I find more irritating than be related to all other women or females simply because I happen to have the same parts. I know plenty of women like me and plenty that are totally different. I am sure that most people feel that way about other people in their intersecting groups. I’ve seen it a lot lately and so it got under my skin a bit. Is anyone else irritated by this?



Join me Wednesday for some thoughts on media representation and on Friday as we introduce the Non-Binary population!

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