Bigger than men and women

Now that we’ve established that feminism is nowhere near attaining full equality between men and women, it’s time to take a look at those who do not fall strictly into those two categories. There is a lot more to gender and sex than men and women. This month I want to talk about those people who don’t fit neatly into those two categories. I want to be a good ally to the Non-Binary genders. I want to do justice to their struggle. I want to help them be seen as the regular people they are who deserve representation and rights. I just don’t feel sure about how to do it. I have seen several Transgender 101 posts and a book or two, but I feel a little like even that is too advanced for the first round with an average binary person, such as when I first started down this path. I only know about this community because of this blog. I had never heard of the non-binary genders before, except transgender people who I only understood to be people who wanted their sex corrected to match what they thought they were supposed to be. I know that this is wrong now. I would instead like to introduce the concepts of non-binary gender for the binary gendered.

Those of us who have never questioned our birth-assigned gender and who don’t personally know anyone who has are slow to understand why this is a problem for people and what it means to their lives. This is what I’d like to spend the month addressing. I apologize in advance if I say anything untrue or derogatory. Please let me know if I do. This month’s posts will be based primarily on research and I may interpret it wrong. I will be happy to correct myself.
While I am sure that these issues intersect with other parts of their lives and themselves, we will be concentrating solely on the way gender identity and assigned sex differences impact lives and not on the intersections at this time.


The aforementioned research will include TEDtalks, news articles and books. In preparation, I read and wrote a short review of The Other Genders and Transgender History. I have recently begun Fragments of Gender. I would appreciate any input on these books or others that might be better recommended.


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