Welcome to Random Musings Monday!

Okay, so ever since I stopped doing the Twitter word clouds, I’ve felt like there was a huge whole in my schedule. The solution finally hit me and here we are! Random Musing Mondays!

Of course, these musings will still be about egalitarian thought processes, or any breakdown of the isms that amount to egalitarianism. This is going to be a time for me to ask questions to the universe, let out a little of the randomness that comes to me now as I read through new books and articles or to bring up a subject that is weighing on me but not a part of the theme. I hope you all enjoy it.


This week’s random musing comes from a book I am reading. It is my second book on men and is called Gender Oppression: a bloke’s perspective on the struggle for gender equality. I will be reviewing this book when I finish it, which will likely happen this week.

It brings up some interesting points and here they are:

  1. Could the educational system in Western society have so proactively encouraged girls that they forgot about boys entirely?
  2. Has the educational system in Western society been mostly vacated by men? This is disconcerting because it would greatly contribute to a lack of positive and accessible male role models if it was the case.
  3. Why don’t we have a male reproductive health clinic? Urology is technically gender neutral and therefore doesn’t count.
  4. Why don’t we have more male contraceptive options? Wouldn’t a man-pill greatly contribute to lessening the incidence of unplanned pregnancy?


Here’s the big one. This is an idea that is off-putting on the surface but a truly interesting idea to chew on for a while. Legally, the birth of a child is solely the choice of the woman pregnant with that child and the man who may be the father has no recourse if he is not ready to be a father. A “not ready” reason would potentially be anything that reasonably applies to a woman opting for an abortion. What if men were allowed to have a legal abortion whereby the child is legally not theirs and never will be as if it had been terminated?

I’m not saying we should definitely do this, but it is thought-provoking. Well, it made me think. What if men weren’t forced by a woman’s choice to be fathers and financially responsible? Yes, it takes two to conceive, but it only takes one to get an abortion and it only takes one to give birth. I thought it was an interesting perspective to hear about men being financially responsible for a woman’s choice. It kind of negates that whole independence thing, I think. Of course, in practice, there would have to be all kinds of regulations, such as time frames from when the potential father finds out until he can perform this action. In most states, women only have 20 weeks to make the decision (since most can’t know they are pregnant until 4 weeks), so maybe men should be given 20 weeks from the time of official notification. I don’t know. Again, it’s an interesting concept that I had never heard and wanted to chew on for a minute.

And I wanted to share it. Please don’t think the author of Gender Oppression is outright misogynist either. He goes a long way to consistently remind the reader of both sides of the circumstance as he sees it. I do recommend reading it before making a judgement on it or him.

These questions are genuine and opinions are welcome and encouraged. I would like to take this opportunity, though, to remind everyone to be respectful when answering, if you so choose to pose an answer. If there are any questions about respectful behavior, please see my page My Promise To You for the kinds of language that I will allow on this blog.

Thank you in advance for your responses!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Random Musings Monday!

  1. Lol! Mondays are a little random in and of themselves and it makes sense to have a shorter and more random post format for this day. I just started my own weekly Monday theme called Mini Mondays which is similar in concept 🙂

    Coming to your post, I think some of the ideas you outline are interesting regardless of whether you agree with them or not. Something like a man- pill for instance really would be a useful thing to have. As for the idea of financially opting out of a child a man doesn’t want, well that’s iffy ground so no comment :p

    • Thank you! I thought it was a bit iffy too but I couldn’t help but mention it. It was a really interesting section of that book and the author makes some really good points that I couldn’t adequately explain in my short synopsis of it.
      I saw Mini Mondays too! I enjoyed them.

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