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Do comics featuring female superheroes (and not as part of an ensemble) fair as well as male superheroes? Is this the problem with getting their own movies? Even if sales are lower, is marketing really a bigger part of that problem than interest?

I’m not an avid comic book reader, but I’m sure that these sales play into whether or not someone gets their own movie. Of all the female superheroes in existence, I can only think of two movies where they were the protagonist and not part of an ensemble. But Catwoman was a terrible movie. It was terrible for so many reasons, not the least of which that it was so sexistly made that I couldn’t sit through it all. A female superhero movie and her plot revolves around skin care products? And Supergirl was made 30 years ago, would it kill them to attempt a remake? It’s probably quite a gamble considering the last attempts at Superman have failed pretty horribly too in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, I found a site that lists the top comics for the year. In 2013, these were the women (by individual issue) that made the top 1000:

  1. Harley Quinn (34, 89)
  2. Batgirl (187, 263, 355, 444, 553, 582, 588, 622, 662, 707, 775)
  3. Powerpuff girls (327)
  4. Velvet (441, 981)
  5. Wonder Woman (599, 610, 679, 712, 743, 761, 782, 799, 837, 845)
  6. Hit-girl (615)
  7. Catwoman (653, 696, 766, 818, 909, 935, 958)
  8. Pandora (664, 731)
  9. Wake (384, 687, 810, 824, 902)
  10. Batwoman (797, 803, 865, 868, 936, 978)
  11. Red Sonja (841)
  12. Supergirl (874, 880, 925, 984)
  13. Jirni (878)

Of the women on this list, only two were featured in films as part of an ensemble, Batgirl and Hit-girl. 53 individual comics with only a female protagonist made it onto the list of 1000 comic issues that sold the most last year. Of course, the majority of the comics on the list were an ensemble or pairing, but there were plenty of notable male superheroes who stood alone in their comics too. Most notably, they were Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Thor, Hulk,  and Spiderman who all have their own movies. At number 205 on the big list is where you hit 53 individual comics featuring only a male superhero.

Here’s the link to the list if you’re curious:


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