Gender Variant

So I don’t often get the opportunity to talk about the gender variant groups on media days. While I am sure that they are grossly underrepresented, I wouldn’t even recognize what proper representation would like and that’s kind of my own problem and not anyone else’s for the time being.

I do, however, want to send a giant shout-out to Showtime and House of Lies for very subtly bringing gender variation to a more empathic place on television. While it exists in the peripheral of their show, having the main character as the father of a gender variant child allows them to showcase the thoughts and struggle of his acceptance. It’s beautiful because it’s not defiant. It just looks honest. As someone not in the situation or who doesn’t know anyone in that situation, I don’t know how honest it actually is. The brilliant thing, to me, is that it represents the struggle of acceptance. The storyline of his relationship with his son almost seemed to stagnate and then they introduced a love interest for his son. This move has been breathtaking to me.

For starters, the son doesn’t allow him to ask questions like “Is Lex a he or a she?” He doesn’t entertain the notion, which leaves Marty a little bewildered and on shaky ground. They go a long way to make Marty and his circle accept his son, but then they bring it back around to the saddest part of the struggle (in my opinion) and show a scene with Lex that really makes you feel for hir in episode 31. I’m not going to give the spoiler away and I couldn’t find a good clip of it.

For those interested in gender variant representation, check it out. Its portrayal of each group may be controversial, but I appreciate the diversity that it showcases. But the show is about people who are essentially bad people, so no one is really portrayed in a good light.


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