Oppression takes on many forms and carries many scars. It’s easy to think that this is a problem somewhere else, but we have seen how close to home this problem can be. It is easy to think that this is perpetrated by only the deeply depraved, but we would be wrong again. It is easy to fall into oppressive behaviors just because we can. Click here to see how quickly people can openly become oppressors.

But there is a road away from all that. There is a road that we can all walk away from this place where we allow atrocities to happen. This road begins with rescue and it finds redemption somewhere along the way. There are many ways to help, but one person that is great at fully explaining the problems along the road is Kevin Bales. He gave a TEDtalk about combatting modern day slavery.

There are ways to get involved and to help victims of oppression for any gender. Here are some places to go to if you decide that you do want to take action:,

 Unfortunately, oppression doesn’t stop with forced labor. It carries over into sexual exploitation, which has its own set of difficulties. To discuss these, I have taken another TEDtalk, this one given by Sunitha Krishnan:

In my research, I saw many statistics that disagreed with each other, I can’t even imagine how difficult this problem is to track. It is even more difficult to solve because so many of us are ignorant of the truth. It is happening in my country. It is happening in your country. It is probably happening somewhere closer to you than you think.

So can we be redeemed?

Can we be open to helping the oppressed in a personal way? Can we be sympathetic and helpful to the rape victim we know? Can we by sympathetic and helpful to the domestic violence victim we know? Can we be a part of the solution instead of hiding within safe zones? If the only thing you are comfortable doing is throwing money at the problem, have you even done that?

Redemption comes with action. It cannot be thought into existence. Action is required. To redeem ourselves from the blindness, the apathy, the blame, the shaming, the indifference, we must take action in some way. Money is always necessary to these causes, but so is direct interaction with those who have been oppressed. If 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men are raped, then you probably know someone that you can help personally. If 74% of Americans know someone who has been a victim of domestic violence, than you probably know someone that you can help personally. There are also many foundations that have ways for us to take action against the oppression that is happening far away from us. In whatever way you choose, be a part of the solution.


Join me next Friday as we transition away from oppression and take a look at why some people believe we already live in a post-feminist society! Follow me here and on Twitter @createparity on the right!


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