Women at work … on tv

I am reading a new book that researches the reasons why some jobs are female typed and some are male typed. It’s very interesting and complex, and not totally what I wanted to share in today’s post. Today is about media, after all.

It just reminded me of Scrubs, particularly the episode when Eliot’s dad and the rest of the “Gyno Girls” try to force her into gynecology. First of all, I remember the imagery. Here it is for those of you who never watched it:


So this is a female-typed job actively attempting to attract new female over from a male-dominated field. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it happens quite this colorfully. I do think they make it really easy to slide into, especially when faced with the uphill battle that trying to get into a male-typed job can be. But these jobs shift and it would be interesting to really know what it is that causes such a shift. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a good video clip on Dr. Lillian Depaul from the new show Masters of Sex, probably because the show doesn’t actually center around here character. Check it out. Her character, based on a real person, fights the uphill battle that eventually culminates in regular pap smears for all women and the field of gynecology becoming dominated by women. I appreciate her inclusion in the show and how it brings to light the way jobs can shift to be female dominated in such a short period of time. Well, short for the grand scheme of things, but excruciatingly long to those who must fight that fight.

By the way, the new book is: Gender, Work and Economy


2 thoughts on “Women at work … on tv

  1. Gynecologists endure the most grueling and unpredictable hours of work. It’s funny because many times we’re “told” that women choose certain jobs because they have easier schedules and make family time more possible. Gynecology/Obstetrics is not one of those jobs. It’s the complete opposite.

    Many women patients prefer female gynecologists though, for obvious reasons. I wonder if people would “prefer” a female neurologist? or general surgeon?

    • I don’t know, but it would be an interesting study. I find it unfortunate how often we are told what work goes with what gender and how easily we are still funneled into them. It can be hard to be the first female or rare male making strides against their gender. But it pays off to do something you love more than something that was easier to get into because of gender.

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