Dating Red Flags: Recognizing the Potential Abuser

I wanted to share this because it is a beautifully written post (and links to others that are great in the same series). It is about domestic violence, which is a form of oppression as well.

Chapter TK

My Dating Red Flags series of the past few weeks was aimed at showing people the often subtle warning signs of an abusive relationship using my experience. While I didn’t face any physical violence outside of unwanted groping and gripping, I still consider what I experienced to be abuse on the mental level. The blogs I wrote were primarily aimed at warning signs for girls, but that has me wondering, what about the boys?

You know what, that’s not right either. My piece doesn’t have to be taken in a heteronormitive fashion. Maybe my experiences can provides lessons and warning signs for everyone. Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to red flags. Men and women can both be victims of domestic violence and said violence can be perpetrated by men or women. As such, my real question has nothing to do with boys. What I want to address is the…

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