Coercion, force’s ally

image While there are people who simply take what they want forcefully, there is often an element of coercion and fraud involved. Even in most of the stories of sexual assault that I have heard from other people, there was often coercion that placed the victim in the position that made the assault possible. Many stories that are relayed in trafficking trainings and awareness campaigns involve the lies that are told to victims to get them to vulnerable places before the perpetrator pounces. Yes, there are also stories of kidnappings, and those who are randomly grabbed in parking lots to be assaulted in a variety of ways, but that is not the only version of this story. Coercion plays a major role in many stories and in a variety of ways. It is the ally of force, helping to attain the goals of its friend and often helping to maintain those goals. Many instances of prolonged oppression involve lies told to keep the oppressed in their state.


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