Review of Between XX and XY by Gerald N. Callahan

This book was amazing! It opens with a personal account that just sucks you right in and then keeps it coming.

Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes is full of personal accounts, studies and statistics. The author explains the content in a way that is enjoyable and understandable and doesn’t make you feel talked down to. Most importantly, he explains a subject that has a lot of taboos, a lot of bias, a lot of prejudice and discomfort and he does it without passing judgement. He acknowledges that this is a subject that has been studied recently enough that no long term studies are happening and why they aren’t entirely possible.

It’s a beautiful work that really makes you understand the plight of the intersex people that the rest of us impose upon them. It begs the question, why don’t we just leave them as they are and or let them decide for themselves later in life? It also reminded me of this amazing TEDtalk, while the talk focuses more on the trans community, the content seems applicable to me.

I hope you all take a few minutes to watch the talk and maybe pick up this book. Life is about so much more than sex and we need to remember to treat people that way.


Follow me @createparity on Twitter and here for more about gender issues! This Friday’s discussion will be about coercion’s role in oppression.

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