Closing out June

This month we looked at men. We looked at misandry, men’s issues, the practice of chivalry, and why everyone blames men for everything. We even looked at the status of dads on Father’s Day.

While not all of these things may be important to men, I felt they were important to the way that men relate with other genders. There are many more ways that men relate to other genders or groups, but there is only so much content I can cover on the subject. As a woman, I hesitate to talk about men’s feelings or issues. I would not want to offend, or speak mistakenly of their motivations, inspirations or frustrations. I would not want to assume what they consider their privileges and barriers to be. For more information on men and men’s issues, I will refer you to the men’s rights reddit, though there are many more places to find this information. I have been told that men find most feminist and women’s issues sites to be offensive and accusational. I will warn women and other feminists of other genders that it can feel that way to go into this reddit or most other men’s rights forums and sites. Yes, people on both sides of this tug-of-war tend to focus on the negative parts of their opponents. No, not everyone does this. I hope that the group who speaks from a place compassion instead of pain continues to grow.

Maybe we will find a good balance one day. I certainly hope that we do. It is easy to get caught up in this and forget that other genders are out there as well, which may push and pull at men’s and women’s issues. We will discuss them in greater detail in September.

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at men in relation to gender equality. Follow me on Twitter @createparity!


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