New blog addition

I decided last night that I would need to add a new blog to my writing schedule. This one will be focused exclusively on body image issues and is called Thoughts on Body Image. I currently plan to keep the writing at the level of musings and such and not progress the way I want this one to. I just needed an outlet for my own perceptoins of this massive body image problem that is taking over America in talk but not much action.

I know that a blog doesn’t exactly constitute action, I will be relaying what actions I do take to combat this issue and encouraging others to join the campaign! I have seen many campaigns and movements on this that I will be sharing as well.

Check it out!

I don’t believe in genderizing this issue, which is part of why I did not simply include body image issues in this blog. Boys and men and the other genders suffer from body image issues as well as women. If they didn’t, gyms wouldn’t be packed with already fit people trying to get into some mythically better shape and supplements to do so wouldn’t need their own stores. This is an everyone issue and needs to be treated that way.


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