What is the Men’s Rights Movement?

Do men have equal rights

This is a new movement that is still coming up in awareness and recognition. It’s a real thing, though. Some may deny that men are not privileged in all things, but I am not one of those people. While I will concede that men have privilege, I believe that most of us have privileges that we take for granted while coveting or admonishing someone else’s. Honestly, it needs to stop.

So once I heard of it, I was curious. What exactly are the men’s rights issues and who are their advocates? The answers are on Reddit. I’ve spent some time looking around at all kinds of things that are Men’s Rights and the below link had the best of everything. It isn’t offensive, it doesn’t blame anyone, it has facts and covers a pretty good range of information on who they are and what they stand for. Thank you to the person who recommended it to me on Reddit.

There are many men’s issues and its really time that they started to have a strong singular voice. This just might create the kind of balance that is needed to have actual gender equality. The rising transgender voice will certainly make this mix more interesting, as will any of the other non-binary genders out there when they get to this level of awareness and create a platform for themselves. To me, it’s a simple truth that no single or homogeneous lobby can reasonably advocate for all parts a diverse group of people such as the population of the United States, so there always needed to be advocates for each of the groups. It may have been true some time in our past (I wasn’t there, so I won’t assume) that men just made the rules and women followed it, and this made a men’s issue seem like an everyone issue. If that was the case, it hasn’t been so for a while now and we need to accept it and move on.

Some points before I send you off to the link below:

  1. The “framework” as the writer calls it is not official and he even points that out as well. As I looked around several good links that were recommended to me, this one had issues that were mentioned in all of the other lists, which made it stand out to me.
  2. Not all of the points are in direct contrast to feminist or women’s issues, which makes it inherently not an attack on women in itself.
  3. This is not all there is to men’s rights and there is an additional FAQ on the subreddit wiki.
  4. If you are a woman and browsing this subreddit, you may feel a little more offended than you are prepared for. I’ve heard plenty of men say the same about feminist and women’s subreddits too, so it’s not at all one sided. It’s probably just a byproduct of feeling like you are in your safe space to talk about how you really feel without being too guarded.
  5. I am sending you to a link so that there is no misconception that I am speaking for them, making my own assumptions or putting words into their mouths. I don’t want to distort their issues or fight with my own interpretations. I find it incredibly annoying when people do these things for feminism or women’s issues, I will not do it towards men.

Without further ado, here’s the link: http://www.reddit.com/r/MensRights/wiki/framework

Those of us who fall into their definition of equity feminist should already be on board with these issues, as should egalitarians. I hope everyone else joins us!

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7 thoughts on “What is the Men’s Rights Movement?

  1. Whoa. You are so incredibly awesome that it’s nearly unbelievable. I’m an egalitarian…I don’t believe only men have privilege or only women have problems. There’s always two sides to every societal ill, and this needs to be recognized if we are ever going to have true equality. Thanks for being so inclusive!

    New follower right here. 🙂

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