Maleficent, an alternate point of view (Spoilers included)

Welcome again to my weekly media post. Last weekend, I saw Maleficent. It was interesting to see them play many of the scenes of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty the same but then make the changes that it did. Changing the nature of villainy and true love has seemed to be a specific endeavor for Disney with Frozen and Once Upon A Time, and it has certainly continued with Maleficent.

Some quick observations from this movie:

  1. Romantic love is not the only kind that can be “true.” I love the continuation of this concept, originally showcased in Frozen.
  2. Sometimes we do things when we are mad that we regret later but that are completely irreversible. Unless you can physically avoid it, lash out with a bit of caution.
  3. Sometimes we assume one horrible thing to do to a person isn’t as bad as something as else. I wonder how often we are as miserably wrong as Stefan.
  4. Maleficent’s motivation and bitterness was better than average. While I’m sure that heartbreak factored in, I honestly think the whole amputee part was given as a great motivator for the rage that ensued.
  5. The many female characters gave way to many types of women and defied the “good or bad” girl constraints of the original characters.
  6. Worry and fear can certainly torment a heart beyond recognition. At first the villification of the male characters make the film a little unsettlingly girl-power but remember back to this theme in non-girl power films as well, such as Sweeney Todd. I will admit that it still leaves one with a slightly misandric feeling, though.


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