Happy Father’s Day 2014

Here is some data on fathers in America today and the amazing strides that are being made by them to change the world we live in concerning them.

The New American Father

The Rise of Single Fathers

We live in a world  that appears to be re-defining masculinity. We are walking away from the old stoic men that many of our fathers were and into the arms of the new generation. The new fathers know that they are caregivers and that they can share responsibility for discipline instead of handling it alone. They also know that they don’t have to be the breadwinner to be a man. This view of paternity shows that as the roles of mothers change and the demands of life pull parents in different directions, the parents can decide for themselves who will be caregiver or disciplinarian without influence from outside prejudice. The growing debate and push for paternity leave will hopefully come to help new fathers acclimate and hopefully we will see the end of the popular sitcom dad who doesn’t know anything about his kids or how to handle them.

It’s a new world for dads out there and we need to start treating them like it! I ask you all to please remember to not give scornful glances to men at the playground or the kid’s section of the bookstore, even if their kid isn’t there. There is a growing chance that he’s just a dad (or grandad) and not the pedophile that you imagine him to be. Welcome and encourage them to participate in the group rather than sideline them just for being male. It’s sexist and discriminatory and more common than it should be because of outdated habits of bias.

Help improve fatherhood for every dad you know.

Join me next Friday to talk about the central Men’s Rights Issues! Follow me on Twitter at @createparity and at Pinterest for more about gender!


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