Things that entertain me

In light of all the media coverage it gets and my newfound passion for gender issues, I thought I might try out a Wednesday night posting of things that entertain me. More specifically, things that are in entertainment that make me think about gender relations.

I thought of this while watching Joss Whedon’s recent rendition of “Much Ado About Nothing,” a story that started out as a Shakespearean play. I had never really thought about how much I love the plotline about Beatrice and Benedick. They have always been my favorite. It makes me wonder just how uncommon it was or is that a man may have liked to marry a woman who can keep up with his wit and never so much submit to him as much as concede to work toward agreement.
I hope that makes sense.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is good for this sort of thing too. I wonder how much of these stories is revised or subtlety changed for modern audiences to like a little better. Elizabeth is so defiant though, and yet Darcy loves her for it. I wonder just how much it was really hated for women to be a touch defiant or witty. I wonder if the men were just pressured to show they didn’t like it by other men.

Either way, they remain entertaining stories that are often retold by media.


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