My Twitter Week


Here is my weekly listing of topics that I saw and shared on Twitter. Follow me @createparity to get news and other blog posts on these kinds of topics as I see them!


And another little announcement for my gender equals is that it finally hit me how to look up more books on men and non-binary gendered people. Book stores were not helpful at first but it appears that I was looking in the wrong places. I am adding two new Pinterest boards on books to the existing board that had ended up being exclusively on women. Yes, there were that many when I figured out where to find them. I just have to fill in the boards now that I picked out the books I wanted to sample!  This means that you can definitely expect a more rounded view and reviews as I dive deeper into researching gender relations, which I am very excited about.



2 thoughts on “My Twitter Week

  1. Time for an apology. I put my foot in my mouth on this one.

    Last week or two weeks ago I commented on your word cloud that was very predominant “WOMEN”. This week both MEN and BOYS are larger than GIRLS. You are doing a good job of parity. I should have looked at least a little harder before questioning that. So I apologize for that rudeness.

    Also can you link where you got the word cloud it would be interesting to play with.

    • No problem. It gets better with time and I’ve only recently made good progress on finding resources for everyone else, so I understand how it looked.
      For the word cloud:
      And I never thanked you for the PSA share, that was a great one! Its unfortunately been very true in what I’ve seen personally too.

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