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Above are some topics you can expect to find articles on in my Twitter Feed this week @createparity
Take a look and feel free to send me anything you feel I missed this week!


6 thoughts on “This week in news

  1. What I noticed is that you use the word girls a lot. You use women and patriarchy more than masculinity and the words men and boys don’t even appear on your cloud. In my experience it is impossible to talk about equality between the genders or parity if ones doesn’t even mention MEN.

    • Actually, I used everything once, unless you consider #bringbackourgirls as a second usage of girls. I have previously requested men’s news sites be suggested, because I have admittedly had trouble finding more that do not blame or have inflammatory speech. I do not subscribe to women’s outlets that include those things either, such as Jezebel. I do subscribe to The Good Men’s Project and find that the articles from everyplace I have looked at derive their articles from that same source which inevitably lands me back on square one with it. It’s very frustrating. Did you have any suggestions?
      Also, women and girls were used to reference articles that were about women and girls in a way that couldn’t be otherwise summarized well. Sadly, I do not have the time to be constantly canvassing Twitter for news and can only share what I find. For MEN and boys, that was two articles about masculinity, and one about the court system not being against divorced dads. I also included the name of a new MEN’s organization that I found and thought was interesting.
      Many of the words were neutral because the article was about more than women, such as trans, marriage, and trafficking. This isn’t a perfect system, but every week I work to make it better and more neutral, there’s still only so much a single person can do.
      Again, any suggestions for Men’s news outlets that don’t source most of their material from The Good Men’s Project is welcome and tune in during the month of MEN which is planned for June.

      • You do work every week to make your blog better and more neutral. This is very true. I bothered to point out the disparity in your word cloud precisely because you really do care about making your blog better and more neutral.

        I really do wish that I could help you with better outlets for news on men and boys. The only outlets I know of subscribe to the very offensive and blaming FTSU or are Men subscribing to the feminist victim narrative of female oppression like The Good Men Project. I really do wish I could help.

          • When talking about complex issues like gender relations. Statistics and data mean nothing in isolation. The story of gender interactions is needed to give context and significance to the numbers. This is a constructed narrative. This narrative can be constructed so that it resembles reality to the best ability of the author(s), or it can be constructed to support an ideological position.

            The Feminist Victim narrative is one such constructed narrative that is very common. The short version is that women are objects that “The Patriarchy” has acted upon for all of human history. “The Patriarchy” is an evil entity that good men need to fight so that it’s good men acting upon the objects that are women.

            While very few if any feminists will be so direct in their assertion that women are nothing but objects, this is the narrative that they use to give meaning to the stats and data.

  2. It’s not a bad thing that “girls” was used a great deal in the week of #bringbackourgirls. It is interesting to note, and worthy of noting. The prevalence of word usage is very useful meta data on what is being talked about.

    Getting reasonable news about men’s rights issues is a very real problem and I understand that. Individuals like Warren Farrel have advocated for men for decades and gone largely ignored. It’s not until Paul Elam started “A Voice for Men” with the mantra FTSU (Fuck Their Shit UP) that any one even started to notice. AVFM is not a good place to get news about men’s rights. It is very intentionally very inflammatory and often overly insulting.

    Getting news about men and boys is just harder than about women. There are not multinational multimillion dollar non-profits that are advocating for men. For example. Did you know that Boko Haram murdered 59 boys in cold blood in February. In January they burned 40 boys alive inside a school building. There is just no selfe photo contest to bring attention to the plight of young black Muslim boys in Africa.

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