My Weekly News Recap

This week began with the Boko Haram declaring that they would sell the girls that they had taken. There have also been several articles proclaiming how these 200+ girls were not the only people to be taken by the Boko Haram and all victims should be similarly considered. The campaign to rescue them has taken off on Twitter and Facebook. Demonstrations like the one I stumbled upon yesterday have been happening around the world.

There was an interesting article about an interview where a transgendered woman was asked to simply make the case for why she was a woman rather than bringing it all down to anatomy as most do.

The Good Men Project came out with it’s usual amount of great information for both men and women. They are a refreshing site that is dedicated to men and redefining the American cultural perceptions of men. There were several good things that came from them. I discovered and tweeted some of their stories on the things men can do to have a better chance with their kids during divorces and on the rise of stay-at-home dads. Check them out at @goodmenproject on Twitter or

It seems like a slow week for news, but a lot of what I saw surrounded the Nigerian girls and the Boko Haram. Please remember to keep them in your prayers, or whatever the equivalent is for your belief system.


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