Weekly News Recap

This week has seen a few updates on the potential of the Nigerian government to bring home their kidnapped girls. Just today, the man responsible officially announced just what he had been doing with them and there are still updates coming on exacgtly how many girls were taken. This massive case has been creating awareness of the ongoing problem that this is in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

There has been news on a new campaign in Turkey telling men to “close their legs.” The dominant posture that men over there take in places like the bus makes it not only physically uncomfortable to squeeze in near them, but has also been a social problem. Afghan women have formed a cycling group, which is breaking some of their taboos. Morocco is still working on equal inheritance for among women and men. There were reports on the violence against Syrian women and girls in Iraq camps. The Cock Project is creating safe spaces for the expression of male sexuality, it’s a pretty interesting project.

The War on Women was announced to be taking a turn for the better and perhaps going away. There was also a piece done where Jada Pinkett-Smith declares that there has been a “war on men through the degradation of women.” This idea was followed up by a plea in The Good Men Project to change the views on men and being raped. They are raped by women and it is not okay and they are not lucky. Male rape happens almost as often as it does to women and that conversation isn’t happening loud enough.

The Shriver Report came out with a lot of interesting information on the status of women and shifts in American culture affecting women and men. Topics include: equal parental leave, flexible work environments and changing the culture of silence.

Some news items went out on the “the confidence code,” ambitious women, and the ways that we socialize our little girls. A new “still not asking for it” photo came out and the response was epic. There has been some fight over having female civil war re-enactors, citing that many women lied about their gender in order to serve. Interestingly, it was also revealed that women are actually more likely to be seen as leaders today than men, as long as you aren’t asking those women themselves.

There have been some success in the transgendered arena this week as well. Another country has allowed it’s first gender change without surgery and here in America, there was a transgendered inmate allowed to go back on ze hormone replacements.

My discoveries this week on TED include: gender is stifling scientific imaginations, mothers helping mothers fight HIV, and listening to shame.

And the most retweets I’ve gotten so far was for an article that is about “7 Memes that will change the way you think about raising boys.” It really is pretty great and deserves the attention it is getting.


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