Weekly News Recap

Interesting articles that have gone out on my Twitter feed this week have included:  reports on the continuing problem of the possibility of child marriage becoming legal in Iraq; using your own voice to demand rights; Indian courts legally recognizing a third gender; further encouragement for Afghan women to stay engaged in the politics of their country; diversifying power; the likelihood of getting a college mentor for women and minorities; ways that feminism has improved the world; continuing debates on what holds women back in the work place; working mothers in Vietnam; career women forgoing children; and a manifesto for millennial women.

As usual, some statistics and TEDTalks were also included. Feel free to check out the feed for updates. I plan to follow the Iraq Child Marriage law and Afghan women’s political involvement because I find it incredibly interesting. They are taking huge steps in opposite directions when it comes to the advancement of women in their cultures and we’ll see if either step helps to mold the future of women in their volatile area. I also follow the MalalaFund, UN Women and the Global Fund for Women. I’d be happy to pick up some LBGT and men’s rights (the Good Men Project is amazing but I prefer more than one voice), if anyone has any suggestions that are not deliberately offensive to other groups or mostly about blaming or shaming other groups. I don’t follow feminists that do that either (not intentionally though I have been fooled before).

Have a great week!
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