My News Recap

This has been week 2 of Twitter and I have to tell you, I love it.

As stated before, I can’t keep up with all of it, but I do love it. I also love TED. A great thing happened this week between me and TED. I had the late realization that instead of listening to music on my car ride in to work, I can listen to TED. Don’t get me wrong, I do love music, but not as much as TED. I also don’t tend to feel as remotely behind the times on music as I am on TED. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, this is my home for inspiration and wonder.

There are people out there doing amazing things. This week I discovered and tweeted a talk about a woman’s progress with saving sex trafficking victims and re-integrating them into communities. It’s imperfect, but it’s better than the state of recovery for these women prior. I listened to a woman talk about how feminism and radical feminism and protests aren’t for everybody. There are growing numbers of women who use the standing cultural traditions to show the need for equality, how their traditions that had been used to oppress them can also be used to free them of it.

I read a few articles about the differences between mentors and sponsors in the American workforce and how the women at work have far too few of both. There were some articles on sexual violence that I shared, about how young women see sexual assault and harassment as “normal” and how the rampant “playful” harassment in the military fosters the atmosphere of power that is reputed to be correlated with higher incidents of rape. I read about hate speech and thought about how truly embarrassing it is to me when other feminists engage in the same kind of hate speech that feminism has been a victim of since it’s inception. I became aware of the problems with language when speaking and referring to the multiple genders that have been publicized lately. If there are going to be more genders, there has to be less of the “I don’t know, just say it” parts of the conversation. We have to not dehumanize and “it” as a pronoun for a person doesn’t help anyone.

I really spread out this week, through Twitter and therefore the Global Fund for Women, UN Women, and Malala Fund. I saw articles on Indian women and Pakistani women making their own stands. The frozen flash mob at an Iraqi mall over the Child Marriage Bill was artistically beautiful and deeply inspirational. I sincerely hope they win their fight and I pray for all involved. Last week was the silent protest put on by the Malala Fund to free the children and ensure education to both genders in war torn countries.

All of the articles and TED talks can be found in my Twitter feed. I will be tweeting and retweeting the articles that I find throughout the week. I will be @createparity


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