Shifting Perceptions

shifting perceptions

Its funny how awareness of something can shift all your perceptions of everything else.

Since I’ve gone down this rabbit hole that has been feminism, I am more aware of that side of things. I always used to gloss over things like Jesus appearing first to a woman. I thought it was because she was the first to attempt to visit His grave. But now I think, why was she the first to go visit His grave that morning? Why wasn’t there a procession to His gravesite?

Now I know the historically based answers, but they still don’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense in that same way that I don’t understand how the passengers of the Titanic didn’t get on the lifeboats. If they were all such believers on Friday morning, where had their extreme faith gone Sunday morning?
I guess it hadn’t really been so extreme except for in those four women whose lives had been so transformed that not believing wasn’t possible.


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