This Week In News

A lot goes on in this world every week. It changes all the time and the best way to get an idea of what is happening out there no longer comes from normal publications nor does it come to us in a traditional manner. It is at our fingertips now. So this is a short list of what I’ve seen this past week.

I have seen articles about women outside of the US who are fighting for basic rights that we enjoy here, like not marrying off your 9 year old daughter. I have seen articles about men embracing their vulnerability, compassion and nurturing side and teaching their children that there is more to men and fatherhood than what masculinity currently prescribes. I have found the Good Men Project, who are my new favorite men’s issues platform. They aren’t slinging mud, they are just talking about the finer points of manhood and striving for gender equality in their own right. I have seen articles discussing body image, equal pay day and the realities of being a working woman in the US. I have seen an outcry on the use and misuse of paternity leave.

It has been an interesting week, feel free to take a scroll through some of the articles. You’ll find some good TEDtalks sprinkled in as well. I’ll be looking out for new articles and talks to tweet @createparity this week as well.



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