Yesterday I post that I started Twitter account for this blog and I included some details about the kinds of things to expect on that account. I realize now that my description wasn’t entirely accurate. Like this blog, the intent is to increase awareness on inequality of all kinds and to pass along information that may encourage people to be a bigger part of a change toward equality in their own lives. This means that articles on violence against a group is as likely to appear as an update on the Off The Sidelines campaign. I thought about just changing the previous post, but that wouldn’t show up as new in a feed. I wanted this retraction to be more noticeable so that potential Twitter followers don’t feel mislead or lied to when they see the feed. I also didn’t plan on having actual “tweets” of my own but they say that a plan is “a point from which to deviate” so we’ll see how that actually goes.

There are things that activists and lobbyists have to do and they need our support to show that it’s something people want, but there are also a lot of things that individuals can do in their own lives that can make a change toward equality for all groups. Both sets of ideas need our support and awareness.


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