Qualifiers and Identity

my types of feminism

I was recently told that it was too vague to simply call myself a feminist, even when considering it as one part of egalitarianism. It was suggested that my form of feminism be qualified with some sort of identifier. I had never considered how many forms of feminism there was before I started this blog. After some research and a little soul searching, I came to a conclusion.

First, I am a Jesus Feminist as it is outlined in the book, which is still relatively obscure but reviewed in an earlier post and highly recommended reading for feminists and egalitarians of faith. At one point, I had considered feminism and faith mutually exclusive and as I have perused blogs, I find that many people have had this view in their lifetimes as well. I am happy to be able to qualify as both. Secondly, I am part of the fourth wave of feminism which entails more than one thing as well. This wave isn’t defined by anything as main stream as Wikipedia, but it can be found and it is growing. Fourth Wave is only defined by articles such as the one linked that are trying to read the new landscape of feminism. On this new landscape are things like Everyday SexismintersectionalismLean InBan BossyGather the Women, Off the Sidelines …and more. It is about diminishing and perhaps abolishing those old stereotypes and prejudices for both of the binary genders and perhaps it will grow to include the non-binary genders as well. It is about collaboration and cooperation and it has reached across the world and across the web in ways that the prior waves of feminism had little access to. Thirdly, when reading the long list of feminist movements and ideologies that was on Wikipedia, I find that I fit into liberal feminism, cultural feminism, and individualist feminism. I would like to one day participate in helping third world and postcolonial feminism, but having been raised in Western society, I believe that identifying with them even though I believe in their fight may be misleading.

I am an egalitarian, and I view feminism as part of it. That is where my views ultimately stem from. It is one thing to identify with a group, but you don’t have to agree with every person already in the group to either be a part of it or to advocate with them.


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