On Being a Feminist Men’s Rights Activist

Yes! I’m not alone in believing this! I wrote about it today too, but not nearly as eloquently. Thank you.

Elizabeth Hobson


Why would an insightful feminist not also be an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist). Do all men enjoy their full rights? Do they deserve them? Much hilarity has ensued over MRA’s circulation of pie-charts depicting their greater proportions of deaths at work and number in prison, etc, compared to women. It is unclear what the point intended is- it certainly isn’t proof of sexism if that’s what it’s supposed to be- but they are indicative of areas where large minorities of men’s rights are at risk and need to be defended.


We’ve been sending boys to Iraq and Afghanistan without adequate equipment. Ex-servicemen then have disproportionately high levels of joblessness, homelessness and conviction. Prisoners rights are routinely violated. These are all vitally important men’s rights issues and they affect families, i.e. women. I saw a heartbreaking photography project from a US death row that had only just allowed the…

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