Intersectional feminism and “masculism”


I looked into intersectionalism today. Interestingly, the search also led me to the article about masculism.

While I am concerned about the scope if this blog broadening too much, I do want to include both intersectionalism and masculism in it. I find it difficult to say that I want to advocate for equality but only this equality and not that one over there. I also have a hard time with the privilege-check concept. Having more privilege in one area and striving for further improvement shouldn’t be a bad thing. It can open that new path for those who are currently even less privileged. Privilege of one sort is also not perfection, you can be more privileged in one thing and less privileged in another simultaneously.

People are also individually either capable of empathy and compassion for any given subject or they are not. A single feminist may or may not be empathetic or compassionate for a single man’s fight for his children or a single Men’s Rights Activist may or may not be empathetic and compassionate for a single woman’s rape case. As groups, we should want to work together. It is unfortunate that I have met very few Men’s Rights activists or masculists that care to even seem to understand that there is validity in feminism. Ok, I’ve met one that I can have a conversation with, you know who you are. Just one.

The system doesn’t work perfectly for anyone, but working together may be the only way to get real movement anymore. Even if it isn’t, attacking each other will not get either side of this to anywhere they want to go. 

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