Are we redefining masculinity?

Are Men Really ‘Where Women Were 30 Years Ago’?

I thought this was pretty good. I have felt this way too. The younger generation of men seem to be trying to take on this new idea of masculinity but I think the older ideas still hold them back at times. The young men that I see today want to be with a woman that works and has her own interests, they want to know their children on a level that their parents seem to barely understand, they want to not be forced into breadwinner roles. It is an interesting time. I definitely think this change is happening, just not to people already set in their ways. It’s a change that we are growing into and one that the older generation successfullytaught their children without necessarily exemplifying it.

But that’s just my perception, I have no statistics on it where the change came from, just the previously cited statistics proving that the millenials are way ahead of the rest of us on equality. There does seem to be a new masculinity brewing now that we appear to have gotten comfortable with the new femininity.



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