Mystique and the Feminine Mystique


There’s so much going on in this picture for me. For those of you who aren’t familiar with comics or comic movies, this is Mystique. I’m not normally a huge Mystique fan, but I couldn’t pass this today at Megacon Orlando. Mystique was introduced in 1978, which means there was enough time after The Feminine Mystique for her creator to be familiar with the phenomenon it battles and for that person to have an opinion about it. I wish knew their thoughts.
Mystique is a shapeshifter. She can become anyone in look and sound all the way down to their clothes, but she can rarely be herself. Her natural appearance is the reflection. She must hide this all the time so that no one knows she is a mutant because mutants are persecuted for being themselves. She has a serious problem with this and the uses her talents to fight with the Brotherhood of Mutants against the humans. She takes a turn for the worst and is a terrorist but she turns it around and has been accepted in the X-Men.
This picture called to me because she seems to be looking for herself. In all the shifting and hiding and changing sides, it must be easy to lose yourself. Has she suppressed herself irrevocably? Is this her true self? Would she recognize her true self? Is she looking for that person she can never really be? Does she want to stop hiding herself and just not know how? Or is it still fear of persecution that keeps her from herself? I wonder about the smirk, is the self daring her to be let out? Or is it self-assured because she knows she’s in there?

Art by Mark Sparacio, it was great to meet you at the Con!


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