I am at Megacon in Orlando, Fl this weekend. Yes, I am a nerd. I recognize the long debated conversation about the objectification of women in comics, but I understood both sides of the argument too well to get into the it. Personally, I’m indifferent. Either way, I have always had a ridiculous love for Catwoman.
Disclaimer: I am not so far down the rabbit hole that I will pretend to remember every nuance of this character and Batman in relation to her. The complexity of their relationship is a part of it and should imply the many contradictions within it.

I love Catwoman. I love her for being fiercely independent. I love her for never being truly bad or making the crossover to being good. I love her for not really teaming up with any of the male villains but occasionally taking crime sprees with the other villainesses. I love that she was created in 1940 as the only Batman villainess of the time and she never seems to hook up with any of her fellow villains. In a world where women are constantly told that we have a weakness for the bad guy, she’s a bad girl with a weakness for a good guy. I love her for not giving up in her chosen lifestyle because of a weakness for a guy and I love him for never really expecting her to. I love her for being seductive and sexy in every iteration I’ve seen but almost exclusively with Batman because its almost a love story. I love her for not compromising.

Whatever your feelings about Catwoman, I love her. I’ve loved her character for two- thirds of my lifetime now and she just keeps getting better (except the Catwoman movie from 2004, the plot and costume were garbage, she deserves a better representation than crazy too).


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