To Anti-feminists

A sobering collection of anti-feminist propaganda has captured the war waged on women as they struggled to get the vote during the late 19th and early 20th centuries

If you are anti-feminism and male, I get it. When you speak out about it, I get it. I understand that you are unhappy with the situation that feminism may have caused in your life.

If you are anti-feminism and female, I don’t get it. I don’t understand how you can use your voice in opposition of the people who came before you and demanded that your female voice be equally heard.  Taking advantage of the feminism that exists in order to speak publicly against it completely negates your argument. You should know that it just makes you sound stupid. Also, if you have a problem with feminism, it is a very part of it to bring that problem to the group for discussion. Just hating on the movement keeps it from evolving into something that could be beneficial to you and the people you identify with. Feminism isn’t cookie cutter. It doesn’t fit everyone into the same little shapes. People that think it does are missing big chunks of the picture.

There are radical feminists out there that kept me from identifying myself as one for a long time. I know now how ridiculous I sounded when I took for granted the feminism I had in order to say that I didn’t like feminists. Yes, the radicals can sound disturbing, but most of us just want simple things. We want the men at work to not assume that we’re there to sleep with or marry one of them. We want to get respect for the work we do and we want to all play on the same field. We want to choose the kind of life that we want to live, whether it is at home or at work without being scrutinized by people who aren’t a part of that decision. We want to choose the partner that is right for us and that can be a part of these decisions without demanding or controlling them. And we want to be able to search for and find resolution when these things go in unexpected directions. Why does any woman not want these fundamental things?


2 thoughts on “To Anti-feminists

  1. Any man who is against feminism is a misogynist. Feminism scares the hell out of such men. I’m a man and a proud feminist 🙂 Men should respect the reason they are in this world.

    Cheers to feminism, cheers to equality 🙂

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