Picked Up A Cosmo Magazine too

In a continuation of my search, I went out and bought a Cosmopolitan magazine too. This being the same month meant that there wasn’t much deviation, but the magazine had the Cosmo Careers section with a letter from a guest editor, Sheryl Sandberg. Much of the section mirrored the Lean In and Ban Bossy initiatives, which I though was great, too. My problem is that the “guest editor” implies to someone who doesn’t regularly read the magazine that its a temporary section for this month. I’ll check again next month to see if it is still there. The other problem is that it isn’t mentioned on the cover. It is lumped in as part of the “168 ways to kick more ass! At work. In love. At play” which is on the cover but split into three articles within three other sections.
Overall, the magazine still seems pretty airy and superficial, but I won’t pretend I read through everything. Most of the headlines were eye-gouging enough without reading the full article. Sorry, if I sound overly offensive to fans but I just can’t bring myself to care about 75% of their articles. I’ll have to dig around and do a full monthly thing on all the top women’s magazines and what they’re really saying. For now, this is the first little widow into some progress since 1964 on the message to women on what they should be.
Take a look at pages 145-147. They are my favorite.  Statistics on whether men are intimidated by our careers anymore and then a few work mantras to choose from. Ever sine reading Lean In, I have been asking myself Sheryl Sandberg’s: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


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