Cosmo Careers

I started reading The Feminine Mystique finally and it has blown my mind. There are parts of the first chapter that I can’t believe was written 50 years ago instead of last night. Betty Friedan starts to share her research in the second chapter and a lot of it is about the top magazines of the day. This got me thinking, what do our magazines say about women now?

I turned to what I believe is the most popular women’s magazine of today, Cosmopolitan. I didn’t check any statistics to verify, so if anyone has another thought, please share. They were proudly announcing the Cosmo Careers section, hidden behind all the superficial images that are under attack for causing body image issues in America’s young women. Proud is how the article itself sounded, but it wasn’t presented on the title page. It was buried behind a subpage in Work, but it was there. I also picked up a magazine which I haven’t read through yet, more on that tomorrow.

For now, here is the Cosmo website. They are promoting Lean In, which I also appreciate.


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