Perceptions and Women in the Workplace – Some interesting reads


Inequality: Women in a Male WorkforceA Sociological Perspective on Gender and Career OutcomesManager’s Stereotypic Perceptions of Women and Men Leaders

These basically substantiate that while the laws and such allow for full equality for women, gender bias is still alive and well in our society. To me, they made it look like the bias is just under the radar for many people. Some of the more interesting insights were:

  • different leadership traits are more closely associated with either gender and this association controls perception of that gender in a leadership role; these associations are in keeping with social perceptions of each gender as well
  • interpersonal attractiveness and sex role orientation are both associated with an emergent candidate for a position
  • not having a female role model does negatively impact the possibility of other women stepping up
  • Many behaviors have changed but the male managers tend to still hold to original attitudes about gender and leadership qualifications
  • biased ideas of leadership qualities can be enhanced by organizational climates
  • people in the higher top positions had a higher tendency to discriminate against women then the lower positions of authority
  • self interest in each gender still governs the progression.
  • even in workplaces that hire both genders in equal quantities, job assignments are give gender association and advancement correlates with the whether you fit into the gender association for your assignment. Negatively correlated individuals appear to suffer from this association.

They were very interesting to read, though lengthy. I think the part of these studies that I found most interesting was that I see these things everyday in my workplace too.


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