Cold, Hard Facts

I started this blog with my weekly opinion, some interesting news articles and some interesting facts. Then I got so distracted by all the interesting things that other people are blogging about that I kind of lost my way a little. I guess that happens with all new things. In an effort to recover my intentions, I returned to the Pew Research Center today to find some more good facts. What I found was Breadwinner Moms. I read the overview and knew that it must be shared. I haven’t finished the study yet but I couldn’t delay in getting out here.

For about a week, I have been combing through items tagged Feminist, Women, Gender Equality and Egalitarian. I have seen many opposing opinions and many offensive things (this is a relatively equal amount of hatefulness among the more radical members of both genders and their activists) centered around the concept of the “patriarchy.” From just the overview of this study, I can see that the patriarchy may still be here, but I feel like I can say that it is dying. At least, the American version is dying and maybe we will go on to inspire more countries, though I am also sure that many are way ahead of us. Hopefully, we will soon see the total breakdown of idealized gender roles and just let people be people. 

Check out the study. I will be finishing it tonight when my little one goes to bed. 


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