Just saw this tonight, and I love it on so many fronts. This goes back to having a real partner as well as applauding dads who take a greater than financial-support role in their children lives. Financial support is required and necessary, but it is not the only thing that children need to grow up healthy and well adjusted. I always try to encourage dads to spend as much time with their kids at play or teaching them new things as possible.


I’ve known Jack for many years.  He is married to a woman named Geraldine, whom I have known since I was ten.  Jack is what people consider a man’s man.  He loves football, action movies, video games and would totally run in the opposite direction of a romantic comedy if it weren’t for his love for his wife.  And he’s a stay-at-home-dad.  The decision was made for them as Jack lost his job right before they were about to have their first child.  Geraldine has a stable, well-paying job, and it just made sense for her to continue working and for Jack’s work to be staying at home.  He cooks and cares for their child, and she goes to work — and it works for them.  Jack has told me that it’s hard for him, though, finding activities for them to do during the day.  He feels somewhat awkward about…

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