Changing Focus

I am reblogging this to both show my support for this message and to get it further out there. Thank you for righting this.

Envee World

What I realized is that I cannot expect our children to change before we as adults change. As much as we want as adults for our children to “do as we say not as we do” that actually is harder said than done. We need to first better ourselves, respect ourselves, and also expect more from ourselves for our children to become the leaders, dreamers, and visionary’s that we want them to become. This is because most of our behavior is learned. Of course not always but in most cases and situations it is. We will do exactly what we seen or take things from it and spin it into our own. so we first need to become these positive people. I know it won’t happen over night and I’m not saying that our children won’t change before than. yet the best way to teach our children to be the…

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