Some interesting statistics

A few days ago, I found the Pew Research Center. I feel like I could look at this website forever. There is such a range of facts. Here are some that I thought pertained to all feminism and parity.


Looking at the data, we’re well on our way to a real equality. All we have to do now is make room for all the women who are coming after to us to keep their gains. So much of this appears to revolve around having a true partner at home that isn’t afraid to do the laundry or take time off of work when it’s his turn to watch sick kids. I know it’s made the difference in my progression over the years.


One thought on “Some interesting statistics

  1. Thanks for these! Super interesting. I think they help to give us a more nuanced view of the gender wage gap. The interesting thing is that many people who are, for lack of a better term, anti-feminist would use these statistics to try to prove that women are equal to men in the workplace and the idea of the gender wage gap is a non-issue, to me as a feminist it shows that changes still need to be made in societal expectations for the genders. Women shouldn’t always have to be the ones to take time off of work and stunt their careers to raise a family or take care of sick family members. We need to encourage men to take on some of these responsibilities as well (like you stated in your post!).


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