Just a Young Woman in the Modern World | Part 4 (Rape Culture)

I promised not to talk about rape but I couldn’t help but reblog this one. It’s very entertaining to read, which makes the subject matter much less uncomfortable to read.
Maybe one day we won’t have to worry about this anymore.

Post Grad

Welcome to my last post in the series!  I was actually debating whether or not to post this, but this series is about being a woman these days, and rape culture is definitely a part of that.  And, at the end of the day, I think it’s something that needs to be recognized.  It may get a little heated, but stick with me 🙂

Rape Culture

For something so prevalent and pervading, it’s surprising how many people don’t realize this exists.

As an example:  Quite a while ago now, I had a very uncomfortable run-in with a creep on a bus.  In relating the incident to others, the most prevalent question was, “well, what were you wearing?”  The idea being that if I was fully and completely clothed, exposing only “acceptable” areas of skin, the guy was a creep.  If, however, I was scantily clad, well I was asking…

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