Huff Puff, Blowing the House Down

And here I thought we just wanted to not have to depend on a man’s will to stay with us or his lifespan or the kindness of strangers in order to live a life of peace and financial stability.
While I understand the religious objection to promiscuity and abortion as sin, I do not understand people like this author who insist that some sort of equivalence in status diminishes the potential of our society. I’m sure that he or she would have ranted about interracial things once upon a time as well.
To those of you out there who are straying from religion based on men or women like this, I implore you to give another place a try. There are plenty of accepting churches and communities that prefer to welcome people to the presence and glory of God. Jesus was a feminist. While I’m sure he didn’t advocate promiscuity or anything that might resemble abortion, He certainly did not want one gender to oppress the other. He didn’t want anyone to oppress anyone else.
To those who are on the side of this author, I implore you to take a good look at those patriarchal societies that stay staunchly patriarchal. Widows are starving or turning to prostitution to feed themselves and their children. They are getting raped and being blamed for it. They are punished by the ridiculous lie that women were meant to be subjugated by men, that we were created for this purpose.  BibleHub Genesis 2:18 shows all English translations and the words used to describe the justification for our women’s subsequent creation are: helper (as in real partner maybe, especially when followed by “as his compliment”; or “like unto himself”), authority that corresponds to (as in equivalent companion) and as his counterpart.

It really doesn’t say that we answer to men. And then God gave everyone free will, which gives us the ability to sin and then the choice to repent it. In fact, sin is a natural part of life and something we are all subject to.


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