Who Needs Feminism, a movement

Do I need feminism

For me, it started with this article  Why Cambridge Needs Feminism; then these two searches  Pinterest – Pinterest Search for “I need feminism”Google Images search for “I need feminism because” and then it led to this site: who needs feminism?

I love this movement because I didn’t really know what feminism was before this, as told in my original post. I thought it was female chauvinism that happened to produce a certain amount of equality just to shut up the women that were yelling about it. And then I promptly took advantage of everything they had gained by those disreputable means. Yes, I realize that makes me a bit of a bad person. I’m making amends with being part of the movement along with standing up for it and sitting at the table. Fortunately, I always had a real partner who worked hard to make me realize it all. Funny, but the biggest feminists in my life have been the men in my life. I really underrated them and must make amends for that too.

I need feminism because when I tell people that I am a feminist, they instantly want to stop talking to me but they also want to take advantage of the advances made by prior feminist movements. 


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