I didn’t choose feminism

A great perspective! I think people who say they don’t need feminism don’t realize all the ways that it is already working for them.


it chose me.

I know that feminism leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Even for me. when I first heard someone call me a feminist I didn’t know what to think. Feminist. What did that mean? Did this person think I didn’t shave my legs? That I didn’t wear a bra? That I was a lesbian? I wasn’t sure because I still wasn’t sure whether I related to this ideology. But now, at twenty years old, three months before college graduation, still growing into the woman that I’m soon going to become, I realized just what being a feminist truly means, and why it is important for me and all women.

Here are all the reasons why feminism chose me.

I enjoy my right to vote.

November of 2012 is the first time I was able to exercise my right to vote, and as I stood…

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