This blog is about becoming a gender egalitarian in everyday life. While that includes many things, I focus on encouraging readers to be the change they want to see.

My intent is to advocate egalitarian views and to encourage peaceful conversation and compassion when we consider opposing views. Everyone has a right to a voice and a right to be heard but I also believe that the only way to really be listened to is by advocating for what you want. That means that this blog will address:

  • feminism
  • masculism
  • non-binary genders
  • intersectionalism

While doing so, I promise to not rant and will also discourage the following things:

  • blaming
  • shaming
  • hateful rhetoric
  • inflammatory speech

On all sides of this issue, I am concerned with peaceful discussion. I am well aware that all sides have radical elements and I want nothing to do with the radical. Unfortunately, radical opposites are an unavoidable evil in this world. This is just not the place for it. Any discussion is welcome, including opposing points, so long as it is done peacefully and respectfully.

If you feel that I have missed something or overstepped a boundary, please let me know. Respectful criticism is vital to improvement, so please don’t hesitate. I keep to a schedule which keeps me on track to discuss all aspects of this issue (tell me if you feel I have missed something) over time.

There are multiple ways to connect so don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @createparity, Facebook on the right,and  on Pinterest for more resources. Information here is also available on Tumblr and LinkedIn.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Heather,
    Great to see someone else who is a big fan of ‘Lean In’. You probably found the last part of the book really interesting where it talks about women often rejecting being called ‘feminists’ but then they identify with efforts to try to break stereotypes and equality for women in the professional environment. I’ve followed your blog so I look forward to reading more of your work.
    Feel free to follow my blog also – I actually started it as a way of creating a virtual ‘Lean In Circle’! 🙂

  2. Very interesting view, one I agree with in most if not all areas. I decided to respond because of a radio commentary I heard today on Obama’s “We are not our brother’s keeper”. I have to say that over all the commentary was about the need to return to the Call,\ if not insistence to the “traditional family.” Not by Pres. Obama or this movement, but rather the Radio hosts view of the true “LOSS” we are suffering. The monologue left me feeling the radio host was saying Women, as single mothers, can’t do it alone. This, ordeal in it’s self is not ordeal, it is not true! ……… It left a metallic taste in my mouth! “Metallic” because I could Hear the dis tane for women dripping off the announcers voice; as if to say if you don’t have a mate you can’t make it! Bull crap! Many families are better off without the father than with the father “luck” gave them. Of course, the diatribe is that the “family” entity isn’t promoted. Well, that of course IS TRUE! But honestly what good are you doing your fellow sister if you perpetuate this 19th century crap! It is FAR more than equal pay for equal work…………Our brothers, way too many, still think they are superior in ways other than the pure physical (and that isn’t even true across the board).

    State your position – LOUDLY, we need more!!

    I am not as eloquent and hope I gave you a pose to think and not because you are wondering “what in the world did she meant!!”

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